Hyprolyser electrochlorination

Electrochlorination systems for safe, reliable & efficient on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite      

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Hyprolyser electrochlorination

Hyprolyser® electrochlorination systems provide an on-demand supply of less than 1.0% sodium hypochlorite solution, generated through the electrolysis of diluted brine solution.

Electrochlorination Applications

The sodium hypochlorite solution produced through this off-line electrolytic method can be used as a disinfectant in many types of water treatment including swimming pools, spas, cooling towers, drinking water, industrial, food processing and cleaning in place (CIP) applications.

Key Benefits


The chlorine solution produced by a Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system is below the 1% hazardous threshold, eliminating the regular auditing and management tasks that COSHH regulations would otherwise demand. Due to the low caustic and mineral content of the generated solution, injection point cleaning and descaling tasks are completely eliminated.


Taking into account the cost of using water, salt and electricity, the Hyprolyser® method of producing chlorine is typically 30-70% cheaper than using commercially produced chemicals or chlorine gas. Although there is capital outlay to consider in purchasing a Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system, the payback period can be very attractive.


Commercial strength sodium hypochlorite can degrade quickly in storage, often losing up to 20% of its chlorine content. The less than 1.0% sodium hypochlorite solution produced by the Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system does not require caustic buffer chemicals or additives to retain its chlorine content. It can remain at its original chlorine concentration for months.

Environmental protection:

The hypochlorite product is generated and transferred automatically to the product storage tank ready for dosing, without any operator intervention being required. The combination of storing low strength solution, the avoidance of chemical deliveries, handling and operator involvement significantly reduce the likelihood of any accidental spillage or environmental pollution incidents occuring.






The operator is required to fill the salt saturator tank with salt. From this, the Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system produces a concentrated brine solution which is then diluted to the correct strength for efficient electrolysis. The diluted brine is then delivered to the electrolytic cell where electric current is passed through the solution, producing sodium hypochlorite. The electrochlorination process is continued automatically until the product storage tank is filled.

Installation Requirements: 

  • A Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system requires a suitable power supply sized for the required model, a water supply (2 bar min. pressure), a floor or low level drain (for water softener backwash waste) and a ventilation duct terminating outside the building.
  • The room where the Hyprolyser® electrochlorinator is to be installed should be provided with natural ventilation and a level floor/ plinth. Each Hyprolyser® electrochlorinator is equipped with a Hydrogen gas sensor and fail-safe system to prevent operation in the event that ventilation is compromised
  • Consideration should be given to the location of the external product tank and suitable storage/ access for salt deliveries.

Optional Equipment: 

  • Standard translucent, graduated product tanks are available in sizes from 100 – 2,000 litres capacity.
  • Each Hyprolyser electrochlorination system is equipped with an integrated salt saturator tank and water softener.* A range of external salt saturator tanks are availble for high output systems.
    *Optional item for Hyprolyser Compact models
  • Chemical dosing of the liquid product can be carried out using traditional dosing pump/s, suitably sized for the application, or by using the ultra-safe Motive DS vacuum powered dosing system, developed by Gaffey, specifically for swimming pool applications. The Motive DS eliminates the use of pressurised chemical feed lines in the plant room, further enhancing operator safety.


Motive VDS™






Model Range




Hyprolyser® Compact

A range of product tanks, high capacity brine tanks and dosing systems are also available to suit virtually any application.

Hyprolyser® sales, installation & service are available through a network of authorised agents.

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