Electrochlorinator Test Kit (200-110) – Hyprolyser®

electrochlorinator test kitElectrochlorinator Test Kits provide a quick and convenient range of tests to monitor the operating performance of the Hyprolyser® and other similar electrochlorination systems.

Designed for use with Hyprolyser® Electrochlorination Systems, for the measurement of key operating parameters:-

  • Brine Concentration 0-100%
  • Diluted brine solution – specific gravity
  • Chlorine concentration (by titration) 0-15% CL2
  • Softened water Yes/No Hardness test

Hyprolyser® Electrochlorinator Test Kit contains all of the necessary glassware, reagents  and accessories supplied in a fitted case complete with a laminated card which outlines clear step-by-step instructions. Replacement components and reagents can be purchased using the spares list included in the manual. The electrochlorinator test kit allows you to carry out all the necessary routine and service tests to confirm and monitor the efficient operation of any electrochlorination system.

Kit includes tests for: saturated brine concentration, diluted brine specific gravity, chlorine concentration, water hardness (water softener test). The chlorine concentration test may also be used for the testing of sodium/ calcium hypochlorite solutions up to 15% available chlorine.

As a minimum, test should be carried out at least monthly, or as prescribed by the equipment provider for your specific application. The softened water Yes/No test should be carried out at least weekly to confirm that the water softener device is maintaining performance.

The chlorine titration test can also be used to test the chlorine concentration in commercial sodium hypochlorite solutions containing up to 15% CL2.

The tests are accompanied by clear step-by-step instructions, hence no special training is required.

The Electrochlorinator Test Kit is suitable for all Hyprolyser® and Hyprolyser® Compact Units. For more details on these electrochlorination systems visit the Hyprolyser® page.


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