Hyprolyser® Telemetry Link unit (HTL100) Electrochlorinators 

The Hyprolyser® electrochlorinators are all about safety, reliability and efficiency. We have now taken another step in providing operators with better control and ease of use.

Our Hyprolyser® and Hyprolyser® Compact electrochlorinators can now be supplied with the Hyprolyser® Telemetry Link unit (HTL100). The unit is simple to set up and can be used as a data logging device for the electrochlorinator systems.


HTL100 – Hyprolyser Telemetry Link Unit

The HTL100 allows operators or service staff to remotely monitor the electrochlorinator. The unit can send an instantaneous text message or email to the operator in the unlikely event of a fault or alarm, alerting the operator without the need of physically attending to check the system.


Hyprolyser® Compact Skid 1

The unit can also allow operators to monitor the system at any time via their mobile phone. A simple text message sent to the HTL100 will see an immediate response with all the current conditions complete with all input/output data of the electrochlorinator. The HTL100 can also retransmit two additional site analogue signals and two digital signal; for example site chlorine and pH readings.

The HTL100 can be supplied with the Hyprolyser® or Hyprolyser® Compact on-site electrochlorinators or it can be retrofitted at a later date. For more information email hyprolyser@gaffey.co.uk or call 01254 350 180 quoting HTL100 as a reference.

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