Hyprolyser Compact Launch a success at the UK Pool & Spa Expo 2015

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who visited the U.K. launch of our Hyprolyser Compact range at the UK Pool & Spa Expo 2015.

We had some very interesting queries regarding our new range of Hyprolyser Compact. All enquiries are now being looked into. If you have not heard from us by the end of the week please contact us at hyprolyser@gaffey.co.uk.

We received great comments and feedback regarding the design and layout of our stand. Our product offering enticed passers by to stop and discuss the suitability of the Hyprolyser Compact  for their facilities.

We’re proud of our efforts and would like to share the following photographs with you.

Hyprolyser Compact stand at UK Pool & Spa Expo

Hyprolyser Compact and the team

The Team with our Hyprolyser® Compact model. (Left to Right: Bill McDowall (UK Sales Manager), Stephen Brooks (Engineering Service Manager), Lee Walmsley (Production Manager), Max Cole (Senior Sales/Technical Engineer) and Phil Gaffey (Managing Director).

Max Cole presenting the Hyprolyser® and Hyprolyser® Compact range.

Max Cole at UK Pool & Spa Exhibition, giving a presentation on the Hyprolyser® range.

Hyprolyser stand Layout

Our Hyprolyser® Stand at the UK Pool & Spa Expo 2015. At the NEC, Birmingham from the 22nd of January to 24th of January.

Hyprolyser® and Hyprolyser® Compact

We presented the Hyprolyser® and our new range of Hyprolyser® Compact at the UK Pool & Spa Expo 2015 – NEC, Birmingham from the 22nd of January to 24th of January.

For further information regarding the UK Pool & Spa Exhibition please visit http://www.ukpoolspa-expo.co.uk/

To download a pdf version of our Hyprolyser® brochure, please visit www.hyprolyser.com. You can find it at the bottom of the page.

What is a Hyprolyser Compact?

Hyprolyser Compact is leading the way in on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite. A Hyprolyser Compact can manufacture chlorine on-site at a substantially lower cost than purchasing commercial chemicals. Not to mention additional savings in maintenance, health and safety and COSHH management. Hyprolyser Compact, has been specifically designed to be:-

  • more affordable,
  • offer low maintenance costs and
  • eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals.

Hyprolyser Compact is fully automatic and self-regulating, designed to be easy to use and maintain; as well as keeping human intervention (and the margin for error) to a minimum.

As the unit is self-contained, connection to the existing water supply is quick and straightforward, and the skid system ensures the unit can be installed with minimum disruption to site operation.

The Hyprolyser Compact incorporates all the elements required for disinfection through electrochlorination. (An electrolyser, salt storage tank, product tank, water softener and control panel all in one unit.

There are three Hyprolyser Compact models, ideal for smaller commercial facilities.

  • hotels,
  • spas and hydrotherapy pools,
  • pharmaceutical facilities,
  • care homes and
  • building services applications etc
  • anywhere chlorine is required.

The Hyprolyser Compact offers all of the same attractive safety and cost benefits of the established larger Hyprolyser® systems.
Water treatment experts and developers of Hyprolyser®, Gaffey Technical Services Ltd., can offer further flexibility on larger or smaller systems according to requirements.

To keep up to date with the progress of Hyprolyser® range follow us on social media.


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