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Compact 240-480 – New model range Automatic, on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite solution <1% Cl2. Hyprolyser® Compact 240-480 have now been added to the range of electrochlorination systems; bringing the technology well within the reach of public, commercial and community pools. Manufactured in the UK, with built-in and optional external product tank and salt saturator. The 240 and 420 Compact models are safe, simple and reliable. Skid mounted and provides easy installation, commissioning

Electrochlorinator Test Kit (200-110) – Hyprolyser® Electrochlorinator Test Kits provide a quick and convenient range of tests to monitor the operating performance of the Hyprolyser® and other similar electrochlorination systems. Designed for use with Hyprolyser® Electrochlorination Systems, for the measurement of key operating parameters:- Brine Concentration 0-100% Diluted brine solution – specific gravity Chlorine concentration (by titration) 0-15% CL2 Softened water Yes/No Hardness test Hyprolyser® Electrochlorinator Test Kit contains all of the necessary glassware, reagents

Hyprolyser® Telemetry Link unit (HTL100) Electrochlorinators  The Hyprolyser® electrochlorinators are all about safety, reliability and efficiency. We have now taken another step in providing operators with better control and ease of use. Our Hyprolyser® and Hyprolyser® Compact electrochlorinators can now be supplied with the Hyprolyser® Telemetry Link unit (HTL100). The unit is simple to set up and can be used as a data logging device for the electrochlorinator systems. The HTL100 allows operators

Electrochlorination systems: Hyprolyser Compact Hyprolyser® Compact is leading the way in on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite. As one of the safest and most efficient electrochlorination systems available, a Hyprolyser® Compact can manufacture chlorine on-site at a substantially lower cost than purchasing commercial chemicals, not to mention additional savings in maintenance, health and safety and COSHH management. Electrochlorination is the process of producing sodium hypochlorite solution from salt, water and electricity.

Hyprolyser Compact Launch a success at the UK Pool & Spa Expo 2015 We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who visited the U.K. launch of our Hyprolyser Compact range at the UK Pool & Spa Expo 2015. We had some very interesting queries regarding our new range of Hyprolyser Compact. All enquiries are now being looked into. If you have not heard from us by the end