Compact 240-480 – New model range

Automatic, on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite solution <1% Cl2.

Hyprolyser® Compact 240-480 have now been added to the range of electrochlorination systems; bringing the technology well within the reach of public, commercial and community pools. Manufactured in the UK, with built-in and optional external product tank and salt saturator.

The 240 and 420 Compact models are safe, simple and reliable. Skid mounted and provides easy installation, commissioning and operation.

The Hyprolyser® produces a continuous, safe and highly economical supply of dilute sodium hypochlorite using salt, water and electricity. Visit www.hyprolyser.com for more information.

Sizing and specification service available. Ask for more details.

Email : hyprolyser@gaffey.co.uk or send a query through the contact form.

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